They said everyone loved me, but how? It wasn’t even true until I met you. Someone who knew where I’ve stepped off the deep end and to what extent I tried to right my ship after such a huge fall. It is about that time I’d forgive you and move on. About that time that […]

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Currently Speaking.

Is there such a thing as a lucid coma? Because, I think I just woke up from one – a five year-long lucid coma. Maybe I’m finally on the right meds or maybe my latest dose of sobriety finally woke me up. Or maybe, just maybe this disorder has finally run it’s course. I don’t […]

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Move, Child!

You shouldn’t throw those words around like flaming lips in a one man show. As if you were the only one with the dagger. Ha! I say, as my mind scours the range for someone to mean their twisted truths, for someone to fall at my feet begging for a forgiving heart left bleeding between […]

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Pace Your Peace.

“Life seems but a quick succession of busy nothings.” ~ Jane Austen “It is better to do nothing than be busy doing nothing.” ~ Lao Tzu In my journeys through traditional therapies and traditional recovery programs, I noticed that some of us seem to be bombarded by this notion that ‘busy is better.’ Ya know, […]

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Wishful Thinking.

Be careful what you wish for. I remember the day I asked for exactly what I have now. After 10 years+, everything is alligning and no matter the level of difficulty I faced, the mistakes I made, the failures and successes I racked up either in or out of my favor, and the growing pains […]

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Ellipse …

“He was concerned about how it’d all end. He wants to remain true to you,” she poked at the holes in the table on her back porch, referring to our selected screenplay writer who’d be responsible for somehow magically unraveling a mind and story so fucking complex, not one soul, nor even herself, knew. “End? […]

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