Chief Joseph’s Scenic Byway

The ONLY road I was ever afraid to travel in my life. And the only road that changed it. “Do not misunderstand me; but understand me fully with reference to my affection for the land. I never said the land was mine to do with as I choose. The one who has a right to dispose […]

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The LOGICAL Choice is Nonsense.

I was in a college bookstore picking out two books for class. One was called “LOGIC.” The other was a book about “What the BLEEP do we know?” I had enough money for one. I put “Logic” on the counter & quickly pushed it aside, knowing I had failed that class already. Of course, it […]

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NIKE – Her Story Repeated

I tell ya what. There was one very specific & defining moment in my life and it has replayed over and over. His story repeats itself. Her story creates itself. Both are true for me. 15 years ago, I was in the Louvre, in France, hungover as anyone could possibly be after a night out […]

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