Missing Missy

http://www.27bslash6.com/ A hilarious site that showcases comedic banter btw coworkers, articles and more. Check it out, you won’t be disappointed. Anyone can really appreciate the hilarity in this back and forth conversation below. But none more so than Graphic Designers and their frustrated clientele. It’s one of my favorites, next to “I wish I had […]

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Coffee. Where it All Went Wrong.

Yes, that is pretty much like me way back in the day. It’s National Coffee Day and I thought I should celebrate. So, I went McDonald’s to buy myself three Iced Coffees that I affectionately call “McCracks”. My real love affair began at 16. I had worked in coffee shops for decades. In honor of the […]

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My Bed – Candid Art Installation

http://www.saatchigallery.com/artists/artpages/tracey_emin_my_bed.htm “A consummate storyteller, Tracey Emin engages the viewer with her candid exploration of universal emotions. Well-known for her confessional art, Tracey Emin reveals intimate details from her life to engage the viewer with her expressions of universal emotions. Her ability to integrate her work and personal life enables Emin to establish an intimacy with […]

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