A Shot to the Head


You’re like a shot to the head when I’m around you. 

A shot of epinephrine, and you haven’t got a clue.


You snag on your words and you fire in anger.

It’s fight or flight in this world full of danger.


You come into the room and charge like a bull.

Your face steaming red; you look like a fool.


You and your passive aggressive ways,

And your troubling thoughts; you’re just wasting your days.


You shout to the devil and steal away joy.

Inside we all know you’re just a lost little boy.


Words can’t express my distasteful hate.

I’ll no longer internalize your world, as if it were bait.


If I had only the chance to speak my fucked-up mind,

I’d tell you there is emptiness in your heart that’d you’d find.


I have no forgiveness for ruining our lives. 

Your words sting like wasps and they cut like knives.


One day you’ll eat those words and be brought to your knees.

You’ll suck on the lies and realize your mind’s infested with fleas. 


You rot from within and you’re cold to the soul.

Hell is paved with regrets and dark black holes.


I hope you choke on our silence and beg for our trust. 

No turning back when you walk down the cusp.


Where two curves meet, and the end is near; 

My hatred for you will be all that you hear.

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  1. Reblogged this on On the Rocks and commented:

    Another poem. I usually don’t go this angry route, but it was fitting for today. Sometimes the anger just needs to come out in an expressive manner. I am only human.

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