Hung Like a Horseshoe


They strengthened their backs and they put on their sacks;

To discover new dreams, and leave behind their old schemes.

She followed them into the wilderness one step at a time;

It was tough traveling this far, and tougher to climb.

They thought she was slow and branded her the ‘weakest link’;

She was too sore to move on, and too hurt to think.

Only the strongest were chosen in mind, body, and in spirit;

Into the unknown, there was nothing left but to fear it.

She woke up alone; her confidence had shattered.

They had left her behind, all torn and tattered.

Had they gone on without her and moved on ahead?

Surely they wouldn’t abandon her and leave her for dead.

The hours ticked on and the silence closed in;

She had to forge on and catch up with her kin.

She remembered the events that led up to that day;

The shame she had felt and the debt she would pay.

She feared losing her way and following the wrong tracks;

so she pulled out some horseshoes, not looking back.

She wished on their luck and fastened them to the trees;

They were fastened with hope and fastened like keys.

Not knowing where she was going or what lay ahead;

at least home was behind her, where the horseshoes had led.

They shined in the sun like beacons of light;

Just in case she had to turn around and give up the fight.

Clearing the mountains and the trails alike;

It was a hearty act to follow, and quite a long hike.

She trudged on in silence; the hours turning into days;

She came to a clearing, where she’d rest and move on in her way.

On the trees that surrounded her, she hung her last horseshoes;

Each one representing a soul and herself, hanging in twos.

She fell asleep in the darkness and wondered if she’d make it through;

Her fellow travelers were behind her, but she hadn’t had a clue.

They had left to go home and had given up on the dream.

The days were too long, but she had been leading the team.

Her horseshoes led their way out of the wilderness, and into new lives;

They had followed her every thought and they put down the knives.

She had woken to see them and expected their wrath;

She hadn’t yet seen all the horseshoes they carried…the ones that had forged everyone’s path.

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