Quite the Spectacle


I once knew of a man who was in love with his eye glasses. No, literally. His therapist told him to write a love letter to his glasses and a good-bye letter.

It must have been quite the spectacle.

This is a true story. We wonder why or how these fetishes start? Well, it could be something very simple and it is typically tied to sexual arousal of some sort, although it can also be a something that an individual holds in very high regard and has a reverence toward.

The spectacle he made of himself started out innocent enough. He was sitting in his bedroom burning the midnight oil. Glasses on, and his face planted into his books. I suppose he leaned down too far, and his glasses fell off his face and slid down and rubbed against his crotch, gently arousing his manly parts.

It was love at first sight.

His love affair took him as far as building cases for the thousands of glasses he would soon acquire. Cases like you would see in a store. He displayed each and every pair proudly, and with the love and respect you would expect for a man with a fetish of this sort. He purchased all shapes, sizes and colors to fulfill his need for diversity. Not only did he have a sexual relationship with his new friends, but he also took them on dates, showed them around town, and introduced them to family members.

Each to their own I suppose. I don’t judge, I just say it like it happened. Sadly, his relationship came to an end after he wrote a good-bye letter to them all.

If he didn’t do this difficult task, there’d be no end in sight to the madness. In hindsight, he probably eventually realized that this was, indeed, an unhealthy relationship.

Out of sight, out of mind.

See what I’m saying?

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