A Box in the Corner

There’s a box in the corner,

Collecting your dust and gathering my thoughts.

The story inside is getting too large;

It’s unfolding and unraveling the strangest of plots.

Somewhere along the line we forgot the key.

We hid it under a rock but nature took flight;

Growing its vines in, around, and under…

It’ll take a holy curiosity to bring it to light.

There’s a box in the corner,

Locked up until the end of time;

I hid it away so no one would see

The thoughts I carry for you and my crimes.

If you have the words to pick the lock,

I’ll let you in and discover the truth;

What lies within and what lies without;

The unfolding of our youth.

The people I’ve trusted and for whom I’ve opened it,

Are no longer around in this garden.

They saw too much and scaled the walls.

Now they turn around and beg for my pardon.

I won’t let them in again,

It’s a dangerous game and I’ve lost too many times.

It’s your turn now to use your brain.

Use what you have and open me up, the further you climb.


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