Never Ending Battle

My heart and my mind are always fighting. My heart isn’t happy until my mind has something to worry about. My mind isn’t happy until my heart has something to ache over. I take big risks. I bet big bets. Problem is, I don’t know how to quit when I am ahead.

Fire Walkers

There will be a lot of people who just walk away from the fire that you have created, never to be seen again. There will be those that rake you over the coals, laughing all the way…in the end it is their problem though … not yours…they have wasted so much precious time in mocking […]

Thoughts, Prayers & Intentions

From what I have witnessed, I think if you pray, send your thoughts to the Universe, or simply meditate on something … there has to be intention behind it. With intention comes literal energy from your being. If it is not strong enough, I just don’t think that it will be absorbed. Focus on the […]