Piano Man

The magic they induced was like serendipity dripping off their tongues.

It soaked deep within every fiber of their being and it hung heavy in their lungs.

Piano Man caught her eye in the front of the class, back in ’97.

Tickling the ivories on his desk, she thought she had died and gone unto heaven.

She thought he was mystical and unlike the rest.

Soon she was warned that he was the school’s biggest pest.

They played their games in the classroom …

Swapping their notes and candied stares; lovers in full bloom.

He was an enigma and a musician unlike any she had ever seen.

He was a prodigy and he treated her like the unrivaled queen.

He had the eyes of an angel and the hands of a God.

He played to the heavens and rose with his shoulders, masculine and broad.

He was everyone’s ‘favorite soulmate’, or so he had said.

She was more to him than just a pretty face…a depth within that rose through their bed.

His hair was long but she needed proof.

He bounced on the banks, singing the Beatles, looking aloof.

Watching the clouds roll on, he saw eclipses in her eyes.

She saw his character and a depth that he hid in disguise.

They danced in the rain and in the lonely moonlight.

They scoured the earth for meaning, anything to end the world’s plight.

They laughed until the glass fogged up and the outsiders stared;

tears rolling down their cheeks … what a duo, perfectly paired.

They made love with a simple, unified kiss;

rolling in grass and swimming in lakes, calling it bliss.

They ran down the hillsides and jumped over trees.

She ended it the same way, with him begging her, ‘please’.

He said it wasn’t over, that day in the river.

It was prophetic enough to make philosophers shiver.

‘I will always hang on this moment,’ she said with tears barreling over the edge.

It was quite clear she would not forget him the closer he brought her to his ledge.

The story goes on and on, for it never quite ended….

‘Cept for ten years later, through drugs and alcohol, ups and downs and ins and outs, the affairs and the betrayals …

It would leave the strongest of hearts utterly destroyed and deeply offended.


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