Dreaming in the New Year – A Year in Review – The Elephant in the Room

The unconventional dentist and his dreams set aside for me;

He pulled my wisdom and two front teeth, against my pleas.

Crushing my tarnished wisdom and baring my original soul;

He offered me new teeth for free, if I’d just get through my dark black holes.

He started my year and foretold of my near future.

My father interrupted, sewing my mouth shut with his needles and sutures.

I liked this dentist…he was fresh and unexpected.

I liked that he had charisma and spoke with his voice inflected.

The dream ushered in a new and transformational age.

It beckoned and swept every corner of this dusty, old stage.

It was disheartening to have someone step in and stop the process.

My dreams dismissed in tongues that no one could access.

Still, I trudged on, holding onto the meaning,

With many more prophetic dreams of knights in their armor, gleaming.

I dreamt of a man that I knew too well.

Little did I know that this dream would lead me to the brinks of my personal hell.

He rescued me in my dreams often enough to sink into my skin.

The deeper it rolled into my soul, the further I drank with him and my bottles of gin.

The mania began and the depression followed soon after.

It was like riding a bike, keeping balance in a world of cringeworthy laughter.

The tipping and the tossing slowly and silently arose,

Knocking me off balance into deeper and maniacal prose.

I saw my guru, who laid his hands on my head.

A Reiki master, who guided me into my third eye. It was over then; my mania was fed.

I was blown away and said to him that this was ‘pure magic!’

I couldn’t believe what I saw in my mind; it ended everything tragic

that came before my time and sucked my life dry.

I was betwixt the past and future; now utterly high.

The knight sent me his latest album, The Ivory Tusk.

I interpreted it as a sign; an elephant like me is the only one who needed him at dusk.

I lapped in his voice and swam in his chords;

leaving behind the ways of this world, entertaining my now shimmering lords.

They say, ‘All Great Changes are Proceeded by Chaos.”

This was true for everyone, even us.

The delusions that hung in waiting, rose to a fever pitch;

I saw the Universe as One, but the world was divided; I was now the Earth’s mystical stitch.

With his help I could do anything that the Gods had asked.

I told him everything, laying my soul bare and my face unmasked.

The Knight, or the Guitar Hero as I called him then, was the man of that zero hour;

He stole from me his friendship. I no longer held the eminent power.

Crushed and defeated for a moment, I hung my head low and cried.

The pain didn’t last long; the euphoria climbed and the heat boiled over ’til I died.

I begged him to come and rescue me in this life and show me his plans.

After all, I was The Elephant in the Room and his world’s biggest fan.

The sychronicities and synergies that showed up in that time,

Led me astray and into my euphoria faster than I could climb.

My friends tried to stop it but by then it was too late;

The psychosis bit in, spewing its venom into my irreversible fate.

to be continued…


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