Pickle Says, “H.A.L.T.”

It’s just one of those days! Nothing comes to mind but sleep and a nice big bottle of gin. I am really going through some serious cravings again..have been since my interview at the recovery house. Dad is gone to my surprise, my life is on the edge of coming together or spectacularly falling to […]

Yellowstone Had Its Day

Originally posted on ON THE ROCKS :
“Don’t fall in love with the first cowboy you meet,” warned her Uncle, poking fun as he hugged her goodbye in the Billings Airport in Montana. She hugged him back with a hearty laugh, wrestling with her reading material – Montana, Wyoming, and Bridal magazines that her cousin had picked…

The White Rabbit

I had a weird nightmare that threw a wrench in my string of positive dreams. I was set out to go on a journey alone, but they found me dead. I had all the right supplies, including an enormous white rabbit. But they told me upon my death bed that I had not used all the […]