Hypomania, Music, and the Flu

Hypomania, music, and the common cold/flu go hand in hand I’ve noticed.

Getting sick does something to my brain for sure. Not sure what that is, but every time I am ill with a cold or the flu, I get a little hypomanic. I’ve pulled two all nighters in a row so far and have written a lot in that time. I don’t mind it so much so long as I am productive and getting creative. I have fun alone at night and feel most comfortable during the witching hours….with a few night owls who are just as hypo as I am … with infinite free time to conjure, create and collaborate.

It’s times like this that I wish I were like this all the time. This productive. This creative. This clear. This focused. And this aware. But alas, the real mania follows shortly after if I am not careful. Always a razor-thin edge between happiness and psychosis for me, unfortunately.

Maybe I should research and see if there is any evidence to support my theories…hmmm….

By the way, what day are we on? It’s all a blur.


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