Certifiably Caffienated

I am certifiably and bat-shit caffeinated today! I gathered some of my favorite Coffee memes in celebration. I drink one iced coffee from McDonalds in the morning (which I affectionately call McCracks) and it all goes down hill from there…suddenly I am knee deep in empty coffee cups, containers and bottles! Better than booze, but still…I need to tell my first love, “No more McLovin’!”


Philosoraptor knows his shit!


I once witnessed a squirrel out back doing back flips. I think he snuck in some of my brew!


“Goodnight moon, hello martini.” A martini counts as coffee, right?


‘Nuf said.


Owl be damned if I haven’t been there and done that!


Don’t judge me.


Aww, Grumpy Cat cannot properly espresso himself.


Howl you feel if you didn’t have your coffee? RAWR!


I like my coffee black, white and cute all over.

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