Alaskan Shit Kickers

boots 1

We will be having a minor ice storm tomorrow and I have put on my Alaska Boots in preparation! I stole them from my mother this Christmas unbeknownst to her! I call them my Alaskan Shit Kickers or ASK’s for short, even though I don’t ASK to wear them.

My parents and my sister used to live in Alaska while my Father was working on the Alaskan Pipeline in Valdez. She acquired her Sorel boots and Deer-Skin boots while living there, almost 40 years ago. They are the warmest things on the planet and I have to say, they are pretty bad ass! And this is coming from a gal who usually wears flip flops all year round!

I am jealous they lived there without me, but there will be a day when I return to their roots in starting their family…and visit Alaska on my own terms. I have read my father’s stories and I have seen many pictures on the big family screen, but seeing it in person will be an entirely different story all together.

I suppose as I wear them, I subconsciously channel their history and their bad-assery!


botos 2

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