Beyond the Curtain

You reach out from beyond

teaching us the tricks of the trade

the endless chatter frayed.

We gather your voice

capturing it in recorders

like masters and hoarders.

Speak louder, I can’t hear what you’re saying

in time and in space,

your voice was decaying.

You show yourself to the strong;

the weaklings scattering and running

like weavers of only that which is cunning.

Cameras can simply catch a glimpse

of your pain and your frame

til we turn to ice, limp and lame.

But there is nothing to be afraid of,

we gather our resolve

and study you til you dissolve.

In time and in space

you show yourself to be true,

casting your shadows in slews.

The moon casts its hooks

into your aura and into you we remain,

leaving behind nothing but residual pain.

Searching for understanding

and to know the full truth,

we hunt you down like tempered sleuths.

But we come in peace

or so we should say;

we have not come to harm or to slay.

You leave us in peace

and with understanding of the beyond,

trimming our dreams with your dark, black wands.

We turn away

and leave this space,

sacred, residing and in its place.

The mysteries and lessons

burn through our skin;

we can’t get enough of this original sin.

Your wings spread through the haunts

as we part our ways for certain,

showing us a glimpse beyond the curtain.


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