Closet Case Shopper


That’s my new eye candy above! New clothes for me! I hate shopping. But not on days like today! I got over $400 worth of clothing for $130. Everything was roughly $12 on Clearance. In and out in under 20 minutes time. Today was a good day!

For the past 5 months, while I am in between housing, I have been wearing the same outfits every other day. My other clothes are in the trunk of my car packed away for my move, which was supposed to happen about 4 months ago. So, it is nice to finally have clothes to wear everyday that are actually different.

I like patterns. I like textures. I love color. I love anything with a Bohemian twist. Silver lining and sequins!? Sure! I go for stripes and I am not too proud to sport paisley. They inspire me and I love coming home from shopping trips and throwing them on the floor for the night so I can just look at them, like a small child on Christmas morning. It brings me great pleasure, because I rarely do it. It’s a treat.

I am a closet case shopper. And a very fast one at that! Someone should hire me.

Here is a rare shot of me, modeling my favorite ‘dream sweater’ for the year! Silver lining and all! (ahem! Pay no mind to my runaway hair! lol)


IMG_4822Here’s a scary one for ya! But love the shirt! Okay, fashion show over, for now. 😉


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