It’s an Honor

I love my therapist. Not, in that way, but you know what I mean. I need to see my him soon, but unfortunately he charges $100 per hour. Still worth it in my eyes. It’s just that I have very little to spend these days. I am in need of some serious one on one time with him as it’s been about 6months since my last visit.

He is a Buddhist and Reiki Master, Recovering Alcoholic, Bipolar, and practices Eastern Philosophies when it comes to therapy. I couldn’t have found a better fit in my time of need. He speaks with a soft tone, texts me, hugs his clients in the beginning and end of every session, and always answers emails and texts adding in that ‘it’s an honor to be in your presence or serve you.” He sees the divine in all of his clients and that is something I rarely have come across in my day.

Most counselors and traditional therapists in the West would never think of such close interaction with their clients, but for me it works. I feel it breaks down walls, allows me to open up and breaks the ice. I feel very at home in his sessions. There is usually soft ambient music flowing, low-lighting, incense burning, and a waterfall running off in the distance. It’s divine.

I found him through a ‘hippie’ store a town over. They sell everything from geodes and healing books to incense and oils. I am so thankful for the day I gathered my courage to just up and ask if they had any recommendations for therapists in the area.

He has, on many occasions, seen me without pay for spiritual emergencies. He has shown my third eye and heart chakra in all their blazing glory. He walked me through my own personal transcendence with understanding, respect and softening. I will never forget those days. I had reached my peak through visits with him.

Truly, the pleasure and honor was all mine.


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