Archangel Michael & The Monkey On His Back

Conversations with Monkey Sauce, cont…

Monkey Sauce: I’ve been looking up information about the archangel michael

I have looked at the scientific side of life and all they can come up with is climate change and that all we have left is prayer, hahaa. Go figure.
RaptorRex: well I guess it’s best to explore all sides of climate change. LOL
Monkey Sauce: yeah, I wonder why angel worship is so frowned upon in my version of christianity i grew up with. Jesus is only one person wouldnt he have billions of angels to do his tasks for him, i would.
RaptorRex: Good point!
Monkey Sauce: looks like judaism, islam, and christianity believe in angels, so im good all around haha. And it looks like michael defeats satan, good for him, spoiler alert!
RaptorRex: Damn! Now it’s ruined for me!
Monkey Sauce: I think archangel michael has a monkey on his shoulder too as he flys, it is kept out of the scripture, but it is hidden in the vatican. It is in the book of monkey!
RaptorRex: Hahaha! So quoting you on this one!

Monkey Sauce: With a tiny sword in his hand, go monkey!!!! Take that bad guys.


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