Zip It!


A wise man once said nothing.

But you take no heed to this;

You shout out in the rooms

with your swords and your fists.

You complain that you

can’t get a word in

and torment your followers

with your glories and sins.

You talk the talk

but do you walk the straight line?

The pasts that I’ve seen have come and gone

through their paths and within in the grapevine.

The meek and the mild

shall inherit the earth

but if you don’t let them in

they’ll disappear in its girth.

You speak with your slit tongue

and spout out your advice;

arrogant as hell

with a haughty stance, rolling your dice.

Your wisdom is weak

for you speak of what should be

not following direction

or listening to those like me.

I sit back and hold my breath

in the rooms and amongst the others;

my face turning red

and anger swallowing your brothers.

You are so self centered

that you don’t even notice;

the pain of others

and the things that shake us.

I can’t get a word in

in this room full of spit;

you speak of yourself only

and overindulge in your wit.

You drown out the others

and complain you don’t fit in;

my dear friend

you are only here to win.

Respect has to be earned

not shoved into our throat.

All you do is strut your stuff,

brag, and gloat.

You are blind to your core

and you speak of the days

that come and go in upstate

where you were born and raised.

This much I know is true;

you can lead a man to knowledge,

but you can’t make them think.

I will approach you in kindness

but I won’t take you to the brink.

You’re a ticking time bomb

waiting to go off;

You are pig in disguise,

feeding in your trough.

This is where you shine

and it should be so,

my advice to you is to simply

be humble and let your spirit show.

It doesn’t take daily speeches

and a word to the wise,

take off your glasses

and see with your eyes.

Each of us has come to heal and to recover.

We don’t need you

to stand over as lord

in your pathetic cover.

Awareness is key

in the eyes of the wise;

we tend to listen and

speak when the time should arise.

We have nothing to prove

as you do to yourself.

So shut the fuck up

or I’ll hang you myself!

There’s something to be said

of a man who can zip it!

We are here to recover,

not to worship and tip it!


I’m usually at peace,

but this girl can get pissed.

I have hatred stored up

for words that spill out of tongues in a twist.

Maybe I have to look within

and figure out why you irritate me so,

but ALAS;

my words mean nothing to you,

so go shove it up your ass

and stop stealing the show!

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