Your Sandman Must Be An Angry Little Man

Again, the Grizzly plows out of the hibernation chamber hungry for hate and anger!

Upon seeing that I am awake, well, and just sitting here reading, I hear uttered under his breath “FUCK! JESUS FUCKING CHRIST. GOD DAMN.”

I actually feel sorry for you. Your sandman must be an angry little man. What dreams do you have at night to wake you up in pools of hate? What does he do? Throw glass shards into your eyes?

You don’t deserve my “Good Mornings” any longer. You don’t deserve to be in MY presence! I am officially done speaking with you. I will no longer entertain you or try to understand you. You just want a reaction as far as I can tell, only so you have an excuse to get even angrier. Which I didn’t think was possible, but you proved me wrong and blew that out of the water.

I try hard not swear, not because of some religious reasons or anything, but because of the energy these words carry. A well-delivered ‘fuck’ in the right moment feels pretty damn good sometimes, I have to admit. But when every other word out of your mouth is an expletive meant to hurt someone, you sound like a god damn, piece of shit, son of a whore bitch FOOL. Actually you don’t sound like one. You are one.

Sorry. Whew! Where did that come from? Oh ya….you.

Now take those grizzly fangs and bite my ass.

Then it’s back to the regular scheduled program….Ohhhmmmm……Hallelujah! Holy Shit! Where’s the tylenol?


9 thoughts on “Your Sandman Must Be An Angry Little Man

  1. LOL! I hope you feel better, you sound irritated which happens to be my blog today. I have to say when I read you blogs I am always giggling but I want to reassure you I am laughing with you and not at you. People can just be so irritating.

    1. Thanks for the laughs! lol. I have to admit! I actually COUGHED this morning as a ‘warning’ to him that I was awake, as if I were making sounds in the woods to warn bears of my presence so I could avoid an attack! Maybe that was instinct, but pretty sad regardless!

      1. LOL! Pretty sad when you feel like you have to walk on glass, I hope it gets better for you and you can make that happen. Keep writing and I will keep reading 🙂

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