WHOA! My brain is on fire! Another nomination that made my weekend! Fun! Thanks to always spunky, Sassy (SASS-A-FR-ASS) for the nomination, kick-ass comments and continued encouragement! It’s a pleasure to have met ya! Keep up the awesome work lady! 🙂

It’s again, a humbling and exciting experience to be recognized for hard work! And fun work, of course. I am honored to be nominated among exceptional bloggers that are so deserving of recognition and props. Congrats to all the nominees!

Thanks again, Sass!

We all know the Rules…what would an award be without them?

1- Thank and link the person(s) who nominated you on your blog
2- Post the award in a visible area.
3- Answer the 10 question’s you will be given.
4- Nominate 7 other lovely blogger’s.
5- Make sure you write out 10 new question’s for your nominees to answer.
6- Don’t break the rules (f-it, I have to break the rules…8 ladies!)


1- Name one guilty pleasure you have that very few know?

Despite not having gas money and it being bad for the environment, I love to drive. Anywhere and everywhere.

2- If you could be any animal, reptile, fish etcetera what would you be and why?

A wolf. Majestic. Mysterious. Beautiful. They live in areas I would love to settle in someday.

3- Underwear always or panty free?

I have been known for my commando days, I have to admit.

4- If you could be perfect at doing or being one thing at the cost of sucking badly at everything else, what would you be and or do?

I would pick writing. That’s what I really want to do over anything else these days.

5- All’s fair in Love and War.
True or false? Explain.

False. Karma! I got off easy on that one!

6- Which Disney Princess best fits you?
(Not which one you’d want to be..)

Pocahontas! I’m actually really quiet. I am a nature and peace lover, and I would prefer to live in the wild over a house any day! I also find men that explore really attractive…too attractive. Or does that sum up all male disney characters? Admit it, did you ever have a disney crush on a character? I fell for Anastasia’s beau. Pretty sad! Ever since then, I stayed clear from the disney drawing board…the cartoon love affair had gone too far. Did I say too much? LOL.

7- Coffee or Tea? Black or with cream and or sugar?

I drink so much coffee I brew it out my pores! I like a little coffee with my cream. Hold the sugar, unless I order my McCracks from McDonalds (iced coffee).

8- Bull ball’s or brain? Which one would you and could you eat without vomming?
( I’m sooo happy I don’t have to answer this one!! But just for fun, think I’d have to go with brain..)

Balls. I really don’t even think I want to explain why on that one! LOL Can anyone say, cathartic? Or is that really sick?

9- You have a secret super power. What is it and what do you use it for?  

FLYING. Hands down…or wings. Wings down. I would use it to explore the ends of the earth.

10- You notice someone drops a $50 bill. They won’t ever notice it’s gone.
Finders keeper’s or return the money anyway? 

Karma. Return it or put it to good use and give it to someone in need!


1. If you could turn back time, would you? Why or why not?

2. What is your all-time favorite song?

3. Sweet or Salty?

4. Biggest fear?

5. Best Childhood memory?

6. Turn on iTunes, Spotify, Pandora, or what have you, and randomly shuffle through to the third song. What is it? How does it fit in your situation right in this moment?

7. What movie best describes your life at the moment?

8. What was the deciding factor in finally starting your blog?

9. Religion, Spirituality, or Science? None? Combo?

10. You are given the choice between living in your dreams or living in your reality. What do you choose and why?


Tough call! You ladies are all so deserving! I am inspired daily, truly. My jaw drops to the floor in response to some of the words that pour out of your souls. It’s truly a blessing to read your posts and to be a part of this community! The insightfulness, the hilarity, the creativity, the rawness and reality is truly unparalleled. Keep it up!

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6. Inside The Life of Moi –

7. Nutsrok –

8. Restart Urgently Needed –


  1. thank you so much!!!!!! I love your answers, let’s see what I can do with those questions now 😀 congrats to you and thanks once again (I can’t stop saying thank you because it means the world to me) 🙂 ❤

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