Zero Hour Key Notes

To write a book

how does one begin?

How do you take

all the complex stories,

wrap them all up,

and send them off

for the win?

I organize by theme,

if the Universe tells me a story

the third time over.

I listen wildly

and write just the same

from cover to cover.

The theme in my book

is about three musicians

who led me astray.

In my manic states

I begged for mercy

at the hands of their prey.

I feel too deep

and too hard

and too fast.

It’s my way of

raising the freak flag

at half mast.

To make sense

of what occurred

and what came of me.

To go back in time

look into my dreams,

where it all started

with one simple key.

The first was the piano man,

the other was the drummer boy,

and the last was the guitar hero.

Each with their scars,

language and voice,

sending me through

the zero hour

without any choice.


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