Kurt Cobain Pulled Me Over on the Side of the Highway

I am revisiting a post I made about 8 months ago, because I came across Kurt Cobain’s ‘last’ letter today in LIFE magazine. Truly hit me to the core. Just another synchronicity to take to the bank today.


I escaped my house.

We are moving in July.

Someone looking at the house raped my room.

They took down all my decor and painted my walls a flesh color.

I was pissed until I realized they had done half the work for me.

I then escaped my house.

I ended up on a crossroads naked of my dress.

Completely butt naked.

There was a cop on the corner of first and second.

They didn’t even see me in my true form but I was scared.

Scared they’d pull me over for indecent exposure.

They kept on keeping on.

I turned the corner.

I ended up skiing on my bare, callussed feet down the highway.

Until his mother pulled up beside me. Or was it his wife, Love?

In any case, she pulled me over and asked to talk to me.

I said, “I cannot slow down fast enough for you. I have to slow down in my time.”

She agreed and just kept following me.

Suddenly, two other appeared behind her.

A man and a child.

I remember skidding my feet as if skiing on the pavement. It didn’t hurt, just burnt.

But that is what I am used to, so what’s the difference anyway?

They caught me at the end of the road in a pile on the side of the roadway near a gutter.

We sat and they explained what they needed from me.

The man looked like Kurt Cobain in a dress….not unlike my own.

It was a blue and white dress in stripes…not unlike jail birds.

They were peaceful and grateful and begging for answers.

I had them. And I knew it.

Crash into me.

I know you. You knew me.

This is what it was like to feel free.

Remember those days?

And so it WAS in my dream. And so it IS in real life.


Found on the side of the highway, skiing….naked.

Hurry up and wait.


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