Deny Me

Deny me myself, and I’ll fight back in one. Show me my health, and I’ll tell you you’ve won. … Deny me my rage, and I’ll fight back in two. Turn over the page, and I’ll show you what’s true. … Deny me my joy, and I’ll fight back in threes. Give up your toys, and you’ll be […]


You’ve seen me fall, now watch me rise. It’s either one step in or one step out. It’s living on an edge of sincerity or lies. … I fall in the game expected to play. It’s either one step in or one step out. It’s living on an edge of falling short or making your […]

Diggin’ It

Now that I have spent 8 months in recovery for alcoholism and my last bout with mania, I feel it’s necessary to dig a little deeper. Yes, I have messed up along the way on the alcohol front, but progress is progress and I have come a long way from where I was, so I […]


Barefoot and determined, I marched on as one. The angels that formed were all but lonely in their shadows that appeared with the sun. The moon was out and mars waved hello. I glanced up to wave back as the tide turned and moved into its glow. I wrote his name in the sand, for in […]


She said goodbye to those rock and roll stars, those that inflicted the deepest scars. She invited in the twists and the turns of the brains that burn. The ones that show and the ones that know. The carriers of curiosity and the bearers of generosity. In through the mind bends of their frayed ends, The reaped insight […]


Ya know what I noticed? Ya don’t get much sympathy for being a mental patient or a recovering alcoholic. Ya know what I hear most times when I openly talk about it? Crickets. The only people that truly understand are the ones that have been there with ya in some capacity. I just feel that most […]