My Invincible Friend


Oh Hello love, my invincible friend;

my words cannot be found encircling this bend.

Your laugh’s too hard to forget,

and your face is flushed, I’d be willing to bet.

You invited me in on a windy and snowy day;

offering me grape juice, twenty bucks, and a place for me to stay.

I used to talk with you into the wee hours of the night;

I’d listen to you rave about everything, and you’d sit back and encourage my manic plight.

You have a zest for life that’s unparalleled –

a thirst for the unknown; something deep inside, that cannot be quelled.

You saw the divine in me, and I in you;

you had enough substance to saturate me and carry me through.

We’d laugh until dawn;

I remember the night I fell in love with you, acting on

my deepest desires that sprung to the surface that night;


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