Sometimes people just need someone to listen, period. Sometimes we just need someone to validate our feelings and let us vent. We don’t need a spiritual awakening or lesson every time we try to speak about something that is hurting us or irking us. I am really frustrated right now, because that is all I seem to get anymore. Lessons. No listening, just responses. People that are listening to respond only. Not with all, but most.

I lost a very close friend and I am really upset about it. It is really hard to be so utterly misunderstood by someone who I thought understood me the most. On top of that misunderstanding, some colorful words were added to my ‘about me’ section on my personal resume. And that is really hurtful.

I know I can white-out those words spoken, but it is hard to do when the ink is so fresh. It really hurts to be called such things after all I did was love this person and want them to be happy. I may not have handled the arguement that well, but hell, I am human.

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