Race across the country for me.

Plan a treasure hunt only I could solve.

X marks the spot.

God knows I’ve done it for you.

You’re somewhere out there

but I don’t know you.

Beneath the same big sky, the melting sun, and the frozen moon.

Beneath the same big ocean, behind the next creek’s bend, and frozen within the lake’s ripples.

My dear,

you were only waiting for this moment to arrive.

There’s a page of miles of white

waiting to be filled with your mind’s hypnotic glance.

Spread your ashes on this fire

and sift away in the waves with me.

I’ve gone to the ends of my earth to find you

and that was traveling through the canyons of my mind

and across this godforsaken land.

Through waterfalls, through leaves, through doors

Through snow and ice and rain and the scorching sun.

I have grown weary my dear.

I have lost my ability to look care in the face

and tell it I miss it.

So, it stops here.

I no longer can send out the hounds.

I can just sit and wait

to bump into you some day while I build my strength.

I deserve this.

I built this.

We deserve this.

We built this.

Finders, Keepers.

Tag, you’re It.

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