Wayward Ghost

Your ship sunk a long time ago. You’re just a wayward ghost who forgot how to row. I was waiting and watching as the bow began to break. I understood the beauty of decay and the nature of give & take. Now you haunt your own seas and you grasp and you reach, for things that will quench your thirst – to dominate and to preach. While your love crashed on rocks and your truth sang out in cries, I was building my raft with wings to save you from your lies. I don’t care if they were directed at me or if I was used as a pawn, I’ll just gather my dignity and let it be drawn. I cannot control the way you feel about the wreck. I only saw the bigger picture of this fascinating trek. A true friend doesn’t control which way the wind blows. They only stand by and defeat your ignorant foes. My raft has set sail because that’s how it should be. I cannot stay any longer…if you should desire it, come and haunt me.


(Image Credits: http://da-music-lovers.deviantart.com/)

2 thoughts on “Wayward Ghost

  1. Do these lines by Søren Kirkegaard make sense in this?

    If One Is Truly to Succeed in Leading a Person to a Specific Place, One Must First and Foremost Take Care to Find Him Where He is and Begin There.

    This is the secret in the entire art of helping.

    Anyone who cannot do this is himself under a delusion if he thinks he is able to help someone else. In order truly to help someone else, I must understand more than he–but certainly first and foremost understand what he understands.

    If I do not do that, then my greater understanding does not help him at all. If I nevertheless want to assert my greater understanding, then it is because I am vain or proud, then basically instead of benefiting him I really want to be admired by him.

    But all true helping begins with a humbling.

    The helper must first humble himself under the person he wants to help and thereby understand that to help is not to dominate but to serve, that to help is a not to be the most dominating but the most patient, that to help is a willingness for the time being to put up with being in the wrong and not understanding what the other understands.

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