Story In Mind

I have a story in mind, as I am remembering Wyoming today. It is exactly one year since my last visit. I think if disability comes through, I will be heading back there for good to settle down for a few years and write, volunteer, and continue on with meetings and recovery. I don’t have much left here in PA, except family who wants me out and a few close friends that I never see anymore.

The stories conjured up and the mountains were more stable and steadfast than anyone ever was anyway. They literally became their very own character, holding me steady as I ran through the plot twists in real time. Sure, they were stories … fascinating stories … that I will write about someday. I have plans to write my book about my experiences with psychosis, alcoholism, traveling and music while I am out there.

Cannot beat the scenery and the inspiration. Cannot beat going back to the source from which a lot of the stories came.

Cannot beat getting up and starting over again, for the thousandth time. Cannot beat leaving all of it behind. For real this time.


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