It’s not amusing anymore

to look at the shallow-end and play.

It’s in the depth of the ocean

and in the things we cannot say.

It’s in the sighs, the hems and haws…

the deep breaths,

… the silent pause.

Sunset and glam,

you think you got this down.

You have no idea

what it takes to dive in and drown.

I don’t go crazy or

over-think everything.

I see life in a different light

and the spectrum it brings.

This normal life brings me no pleasure

and no one hears me out.

You assume something is wrong with me –

Fireworks, spreading like your doubt.

I don’t believe in your Christ …

Hate to break it to you,

but your closed-minded ways

break my patience in two.

You shove it down my throat

as if to say I’m drowning without your beliefs.

You haven’t got it all together,

and I’m not making that point brief.

You wouldn’t know the difference

between faith and disbelief.

The glory it brings,

and the deep-end of its grief.

It’s in this silence that I say this:

You have no idea who is standing before you –

and that was once my biggest wish.

No longer because I have little time

to waste on those that can’t think

… beyond their prime.

You have no idea who is standing before you.

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