Pause that music.

It’s a good thing for me

to disappear amongst the flock

so I cannot be seen.

This is the starting of my greatest fear

I’m all packed up getting out of here.

You’ve been long gone as far as I can see;

it’s a gnarly way through those locks and keys.

It’s a long way down through those rocks,

as the grandfather clock chimes and ticks and tocks.

I can feel the rivers winding through your hands.

I can see you grasping at air, like a show without its fans.

It was fun while it lasted to get you all back in the same room;

the years I’ve spent feeling guilty as the dust settled in plumes.

I tried to sew it back together on the day they died.

I really fell but no one was allowed to see me cry.

The goodbyes are yours to swallow,

It’s not my time to sink in the depths of all that is hollow.

It’s not your job to understand me with a pendulum that sways,

you’ve run so long from the shortest of lives yet the longest of days.

You ignore me and have forgotten the legacy that lies within;

the cherished black sheep who once stood in the deepest of sin.

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