Monkey Meteorology, Part 3 – The Monkey’s Almanac

Coversations with Monkey Sauce, cont…

Monkey Sauce: 

I just want to go outside for a bit but it is hotter outside than inside. I will stay inside.

Raptor Rex:

Right. Same. Plus the june beetles are out and about and I sat outside for a short bit and a spider came crawling out from the woodwork and attacked my computer screen!

So I said fuck you, spider!
Monkey Sauce:

Talk about a temper tantrum. That’s adorable.

Raptor Rex:

Talk about spider who likes his web. I am feeling silly. I miss the silly days of winter cabin fever.

Monkey Sauce:

They might be coming up again this winter. Hopefully not. I’m still in shock about the last two winters.

Raptor Rex:

Let’s just make it though summer. You’re like the monkey’s almanac over there…always looking ahead and coming up bananas!


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