I forgot to mention, I was hit with a new disorder just the other day. PTSD. Fun times, indeed. What reminded me was that for a second, I forgot about all my troubles tonight after doing some artwork. Paint fumes will do that to you. And coffee at midnight. Then I snapped out of my lil’ fantasy.

In any case, yup…you’re looking at a Bipolar chick who was awarded Post Traumatic Stress by way of psychotic mania and is now a recovering alcoholic because that is what she used to cope with that double whammy. Now, upgraded to a triple threat.

What next? I would hope that after 12+ years of suffering from all three, that I would have a bit of a reprieve. Say … a few years of happiness. That’s all I ask. Then I can die.

5 thoughts on “TRIPLE THREAT

  1. Art is great for Ptsd. It really eases my symptoms..I know what you mean about wishing you could have a couple of years of happiness.. I can relate to that so much! I don’t remember a time where I had ongoing happiness…

    1. I am glad it really helps you with your symptoms! I am discovering this, too. It’s an excellent tool. I have to do something everyday or I simply get lost in my thoughts…and that isn’t necessarily a great place to be. Writing was very cathartic for me too.

      1. Same here. Writing, blogging, art, poetry, sometimes even cleaning really help. It is very hard to deal with depression, anxiety & PTSD..Only those who have experience with mental illness really know how hard it can be at times.

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