Yup. That’s us. That little red dot is the Milky Way.

I know it sounds ridiculous, but I sometimes have to get my head out of my own ass and realize just how small my issues are in comparison to most people, this planet, our solar system, this galaxy, that galaxy, this universe, etc…

I sometimes get so caught up in my own head, that only the vastness of the stars can remind me of just how small my problems are. It’s almost laughable. It may be morbid or terrifying for some people to think about, but for me, it’s a really comforting thought. Not to say that we don’t matter in this world. It’s just comforting to really grasp that my issues are not as big as I make them out to be most days.

I just went through a really tough flair-up of ptsd symptoms in the last two days, ones that had me almost catatonic and immobile…angry, upset, foggy, confused, negative, etc…all of it. And I couldn’t even do some artwork to get myself out of it. All I could do was take a few tylenol, breathe, think, cry and wait it out.

This morning, however, I decided to sit amongst the stars. It must have worked, because once I stepped inside, I felt a weight literally unravel off my own mind. It was like the pain disappeared and the fog dissipated. I really could use a good week away, unplug and camp out.


Below is a link to an article and video about the vastness we live in and how small we really are in comparison.


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