The swaying and snapping of leaves in their prime.

The laughing and the calling of those waiting for their time.

The captured photos and the letters of people in tune.

The stars skipping rocks on lakes, underneath the moon.

The ripple effect of someone who cares.

The quizzical looks and the unforgettable stares.

The beauty in the breath of new life.

The heart-melting sighs of those in strife.

The chimes from clocks and churches off in the distance.

The wind whipping ’round and its steadfast persistence.

The painting that fell off its hinges the night of the show.

The little red wagons that wreck in the gutters and take it in slow.

The power behind words and their might that often glares.

The tripping over meaning or the ones who take the stairs.

The sad that challenge themselves to rise and meet a new day.

The happy that take care to disperse energy that stays.

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