I found this excerpt from the Elephant Journal Today. I thought it was timely, as I am struggling with this right now.


“The challenge of resentment is to master the ability to contain or sit with it long enough to hear its message.

Being conscious of our resentment allows us to embody the power of our dragon and use it for personal growth and compassion. To deny our resentment leads to outward expressions of our fiery temper toward others in anger, indignation, hatred and jealousy.

If we are conscious of our resentment level, we can then find our internal soul compass and confidently take responsibility for our personal lives.

Resentment is our compass telling us we are straying from our course of integrity. It is our signal that it is time for action—to take the tiller and steer our course back to wholeness and calm.

Once you find your bearings, the voyage of life feels less perilous and becomes far more joyous.

Welcome your resentment, sit with it and hear its wisdom, for it shows you the way of the Tao.”

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