Somewhere between the static and you, lies a world full of souls, dividing in two. How can we not be intrigued by the magic within? The entire Universe adjusts its sails so they can dance therein. Ya know what? I don’t care what I said. It was like a drunken night, where only truth was spread. You didn’t like the way I behaved or spoke out of tune, and that’s only because you weren’t ready for me to transform by the moon. People generally don’t feel comfortable with change, but everyone wants their freedom in exchange. How ya gonna get it if you don’t let go and reap what you’ve sown? It’s a tough climb to the top and it’s sometimes lonely indeed, but that’s because not many have dared to soar as far as they would need. It takes a crumbling of the self, and a deep look within the heart. It’s about tearing at the seams and ripping apart.

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