Just because I have been through a lot of it, doesn’t mean I have to accept certain things in my life anymore. Now that I have seen the Law of Attraction at work in my own life, things become clear. We reap what we sow. But everyday is a new day to start again and to sow positive seeds into the barren ground, left behind by the tornado we stirred up within our own minds.

I set some boundaries today for the first time in a long time. Maybe ever. I had to block a friend off of facebook for her constant emotional whiplash of love and hate. And yes, it was karma again…showing me how others felt while I was going through my last years of alcoholism and my last bout with mania and psychosis. Lesson learned.

Doesn’t mean I love them less or that they are unforgivable, but some things in my life at the moment, are unacceptable. I refuse to decode word salad and I refuse to spend a minute more on finding the silver lining in the intentions of someone’s angry tirades. I would much rather put forth the energy in fixing my own life.

The best way to put out a fire, is to deprive it of oxygen. No questions, no guilt. No response, regardless of how well-thought out, and how truthful it may be, will ever suffice or teach someone in the grips of active addiction. Don’t get me wrong. I have an enormous heart for those suffering. And always will. It’s just that I have to step away from things that bring me to the brink of relapsing.

I am no one’s savior but my own. Yet, her last message to me was ‘you are my project.’ Last straw. I am no one’s project, either.


  1. I have been kind to her for three years and my heart ached for her suffering. But as it spins out of control, I find it is best for my own recovery to step aside and not take part.

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