While meditating, this is what I heard in my head when I cleared my thoughts. Free association style. I was ‘told’ to listen to my music that was playing at the time. The song is called, “Listen.”

trap doors

gathered themes

tempered glass

washes a’shore

here and now

you want some more

bakes sunrises

priceless triumphs

chanelled seniors

grasped dogs

and tenured believers

trick of the mind

and wallowing at your feet

place it in my mind

and all will be well and good

empty your mind

and there you will follow

sacred gardens

and illusions

Listen to the song, Listen

your body is burning

it’s a delicious glow

a meandering of secrets

to and fro

heal me from within

and take me from without

I feel your hands around me

in weakness and in doubt

My face is flushed and my feet burn.

My hands are weak

prepare yourself for the best

chapter doors swinging

plastered walls

gaping holes

and hallowed halls

process this,

it’s coming

rest child,

forever is new

pack your bags

trample those thoughts

bend over backwards

breathe with me now,

life is golden.

It’s your wild child

hopes unopened.

break free,

you got this.

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