So, last night and this morning went really well without facebook! I sat outside and watched sunset, the moon and stars, one of which fell before my eyes. The cicadas and crickets never sounded so great. 🙂 This morning, I woke up at 4am in a blissful mood and I am now watching the sunrise and listening to the birds. I even felt the rain on my skin. I ate pineapple and actually tasted it because I was present and wasn’t stuffing it in my face as I checked the latest feed, news, quotes, and opinions of others. How refreshing. I want to reconnect with nature again and she’s already shown me much more than my news feed ever could.

I preached everyday that we all needed to go back to the source and simplify. But I was the biggest hypocrite of them all. Time to practice what I preach!

Deleting ‘friends’ and ‘family’ didn’t make me feel good. Calling people out on their BS didn’t make feel good. Creating this cognitive dissonance didn’t make feel good within. Posting my life story didn’t make me feel good. Likes didn’t make me feel good. Comments didn’t make me feel good. Nothing about it made me feel good. Only until I deactivated it, did I feel at peace. I think it was the best decision I have made in 7 years. Chapter closed.



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