Woke up from a dream that I am still decompressing from.

“Careful and Watch.
The sand you’re pouring is creating
the characters you’re forming.”

In other words, we create our reality, so do be careful with your thoughts. In the dream, I was explaining my past mistakes to people who took me under their wing and understood. I explained to this one guy that I never wanted it to happen again. Another of them was Natalie Portman, who apparently played in StarWars…little did I know. In the dream, I asked her and a few others to take me down below the light, as I didn’t want to be in the spotlight. They took me where it was cool and shaded. I saw on a hill that sands were being poured from the upper deck and forming molds of Star Wars characters below deck. All of which were pleasant and the crowd was pleased. That is when I heard that quote in my head. My Best Friend opened a fridge with ice and looks in to see the light illuminated. She says, “Yup, I’m awake now.” End of Dream and I awoke.

starwars fun

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