Ugh. I am dragging today because I have my Psychiatrist Appointment in an hour. Travel an hour just to see him for 5 minutes. I have to tell him that I diagnosed myself with PTSD. But it’s true, it doesn’t really take a genius to know that I suffer from it. We’ll see what he says. We will have to send in more information to the disability lawyers to send off to the judge for review. I hate to hold it up more, but fact remains that a lot people file for disability because of PTSD alone, so it cannot hurt the case.

Anyway, so last conversation I had with my lawyers was about the PTSD and how to submit evidence for it. What the process would be and how long it would take. I said I have PTSD. They ask, “Is that a new medication?” Smackin’ my head.

I also warned them that this process has now taken over 2.5 years and that I may be homeless because of it. Lady says, “Well miss, a lot of people are homeless due to this process, you are not the only one.” I said, “Well, that simply is NOT OKAY with me.”

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