Over the course of the last 10 years here on this earth, I have unraveled at the seams to gain personal freedom and evolve on a very personal level. Some of that time was spent making grave mistakes, sometimes that time was spent making good ones, and sometimes that time was spent making none at all (which was the worst of them all). But all were my own doing, in the end … when I completely unraveled to see who was really in control of my life. Granted, the unraveling will undoubtedly continue on forever.

Freedom is a birthright to us all from day one. I believe deeply that it is in our own control to not be controlled, the more conscious we become. It is our identity, our ego, our everything that is probably holding us back. Change starts deep within ourselves. It starts with a simple tool, called a mirror. That to me is waking up. That to me, is growing up to become young again. That to me, is taking responsibility for one’s life. To me, that is what this journey is all about. It all begins and ends with YOU.

I feel strongly that it is my time to shine versus being trapped in this dogma, or this belief that I am not good enough to break free from it. I seek those that shine, I seek those that are walking their paths, those that inspire change, those that look themselves in the mirror and accept themselves for who they are to the core, those that face shit when shit hits the fan, those that are unraveling at the seams themselves. I choose growth. I choose fire. I choose zest. I choose momentum. I choose mistakes. I choose the unknown. Because what I had on my hands to begin with, which is what I used to call the ‘reality’ of the majority, simply wasn’t working anymore.

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