I poured sand in my dreams

with the sandman in tow.

I formed characters too,

in my lowest of lows.

Today is the day that I met my maker,

the shimmering lords

of triumph and danger.

I rejected them in time,

all that I hoped and wished for

was just waiting for its prime

to materialize and manifest

in a cocoon full of pain.

Why do I reject my blessings

when they stand tall

and don’t wither in vain?

A man came forth and pledged his love

the kind I had hoped for,

freedom of expression

of which I asked from above.

I judge and I fear

still to this day.

I’m boxed in by my thoughts

and fear I’ll never truly play

with the big girls and boys;

the tempered souls

with their games and their toys.

Trapped in a box is where I may remain

unless someone is brave enough

to unlatch it and render it untamed.


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