That is the question. And no, I am not talking gin, beer, or wine here. I am talking good ol’ fashioned water, soda and coffee. I get berated for the amount of coffee I drink, because it all comes down to money and it’s a waste of money to be drinking that much. I drink it at night, shhhhh….

So, I move onto some soda. Sure, an entire liter isn’t good for one person, but I like the carbonation and it keeps my mouth busy as odd as that may sound. Mind you, I was, at one point, used to downing an entire bottle of gin and a 12-pack of light beer to top it off. Yes, it was that bad. So, I like to keep my mouth busy and my throat soaked, if that makes sense. I get scolded for drinking too much soda too. I remind my parents (mind you, I am 36) that it’s either soda or beer, so you choose! That shuts them up for a bit. But it always comes back to money.

So, it gets worse. I decide that my soda intake is unhealthy and quite frankly, I do not like what caffeine does to my mental state, so I stopped that too and moved onto PURE WATER. Yup. You guessed it! They even have an issue with that! My mom is now overly concerned that I am drinking too much water because it is known to be a sign of diabetes. WTF. I drink it because I need something to occupy myself. Not really because of thirst. I was used to hard core liquor for 10+ years, so moving onto WATER was the least of my concerns.

I had these bumps on my arms that were developing. They weren’t itchy. They were just there and they were irritating me. I noticed today that they were gone! I was like, ‘What have I been doing differently the last few weeks? Ah! Drinking lots of water!” I tell my mom about the good news in hopes that it would quell her fears. She says, “You better tell the doctor you are drinking that much water! It’s a sign of diabetes!”

Smacking my head. Love her. But the constant fear and control has to go! Actually, I need to go. Like, yesterday. The only reason I am here is because I needed help for a year to get back on my feet. Those days are over. I want my freedom back. I want my independence! I want to drink as much damn water as I friggin’ please! Amen! Unreal I had to even write about this. Again, SMH.

I would laugh, but I drank too much water, and it is now pouring down my cheeks. lol. I wonder what would be correct water consumption? Maybe it is the type of water I am drinking that is unpure in nature? Maybe if the water was holy? Blessed by a priest? Or perhaps I should go find the water Jesus walked upon?

I leave you with this video:

Duran Duran – Come Undone

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