ADIOS FULL MOON, Don’t Let the Sky Hit Ya!

I see a sliver of you in the sky this morning, under the stars and as the sun rises in the East. I breathe a sigh of relief as the full moon is gone!

Pretty to look at. Really quite spectacular, actually, but I swear, I dread full moons these days. I never really believed in its pull until this year, until  I was very aware of my mental states and cycles. I literally go batty, and before I realize the culprit, it’s too late  – the damage is done. I go through a whirlwind affair, only to ‘come to’ or ‘wake up’ out of this trance, a week or so later! I should really be locked in a padded room during full moons. I don’t think I have come out unscathed once this year. I am hypomanic or tipping the scales into a short stint with full-blown mania every time it hits. No joke. Something intense always happens.

Wonder if there is any truth in it, for real? What does the sun’s light shone on its whole have anything to do with the intensity of its pull on our bodies and minds? Something to think about.

I saw a meme the other day that was oh so funny to me. It read something along the lines of:

“To a Non-Mental Health Worker – Oh look how beautiful, a full moon!”

“To a Mental Health Worker – Oh, Crap! A full moon!”

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