I am seeing stars. No, not the meteor showers that are supposed to happen tonight and through the rest of the week. I am seeing stars in my vision when I look at blank spaces, I am seeing moving stars when I actually sit down to look up at the night sky. It’s as if I am seeing stars that weren’t visible before. Is this a sign of over-medication? Or am I tapping into some unknown dimensions here? lol, in all seriousness, I am a bit concerned.

2 thoughts on “SEEING STARS

  1. I completely missed this. Are you feeling any better? This happens to me sometimes, but I have astigmatisms and dry eye… Both are a total pain in the ass (especially the dry eye). I doubt I’d mention this to my doc, though, because I’m in love with stars. I don’t mind seeing them when I’m staring off into space. Oh, jeez. That sounds lovely. 😉

    Definitely don’t listen to me. Were you able talk to your pharmacist or doc??

    1. haha, I get that. I welcomed them at first! They were actually kind of comforting. But they mess up my view when I look at the actual stars, like tonight … I see many more than are actually there. I haven’t had a chance to talk to anyone about it yet. It just became a concern for me. I really hope it’s not a prolonged side affect, as I really don’t want to get on new meds.

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