I’m flying out of this brothel like a witch on a broomstick today.

Then my friend is coming to pick me up at my office so I can take a NAP. Never been so excited to take a nap in all my life. Now that is what I call a treat.

My Ghost-Hunter friend is coming to drop off some goodies and an iPAD so I can finally sit the F down at Starbucks for hours vs. running all over town shittin’ glitter out my ass as I go. It wears me out. That isn’t easy to do.

It’s halloween, so for shits and giggles –

Dear Satan, it’s on today. 😉 Do all the voodoo that you want to do. I’m game. Just let me sleep and I’ll love you forever.

Tomorrow will be a new day. Going to Marsh Creek for a fire pit. I will be roastin’ your weenies all day long. Believe it.

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