I remember when you said “Hey, You” that morning in your sleeping bag. The one where you set me up by the fire, cuddled me and we played tag. You rested your head on your shoe and said good night… Leaving me in the car alone to give up the lonely fight. I came to […]


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Hey, you can tell the world you’re leaving. You can pack your bags and run amongst the cobblestone and throw them overboard, breaking your gait at the entrance while tugging snug on the hanging cord. Hey, you can tell the world you’ve gone and leave the rest behind. You can glance beneath the…


Not funny. At all. That was entirely too painful to deal with and watch. We have a meeting about, you guessed it, JOBS – which by the way….note to self….I WILL NOT BE GETTING ANY TIME SOON. Then it’s onto chores so you can all watch me spill my beans all over the fucking floor […]


I shouldn’t even be wasting my precious breath on this – but HOLY HIGH HELL TOYS R US, get your fucking act together. Your application site sucks and your questions are fucking ridiculous. 100%. NO way. Someone get me a fucking Tylenol and cigarette to boot – cuz this gal is walking right out of here. […]


Originally posted on ON THE ROCKS :
And you escape me. Like it’s nothing. The static unfolds. And the hearse brings to mind the days of laughter past and enveloping my skin, unfolding my heart to the depths within. I remember the night we kissed on the porch under the moon, the devious nature of it…