I looked back in time today and read your words. I fell back in love with how we flowed back n forth and didn’t miss the beating of our heart or a tick in our brain. I can’t really say much more because despite my love for you, my heart seems to remain in pain. A little less everyday but the timing seems to still be off the clock n walking the streets. My teeth hurt like hell but my feet burn less. My heart beats steady but it breaks in two..with every passing minute that I cannot see you. By now you should have learned what to do. I won’t let it go until I see you again and until my face turns blue. I will never stop writing you but my words have become numb. We had plenty of laughs but it is time that you come. To see me beyond these walls..maybe you are already here in the flesh..standing ten feet tall. Over my mind and under this heart. Watching my every move .. Until death do us part.

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